What is Sealr?
Securely capture AI-verified images, videos and audio

Sealr is an app that enables users to securely, easily and privately capture and share AI-verified images, videos and audio recordings of events, documents and interviews from even the most remote locations. Sealr is simple to set-up and easy to use, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems to monitor, verify and report on programmes, activities and events in close to real-time.

Sealr supports offline capture of content and easy upload in areas of poor internet.

Created specifically for contexts suffering from humanitarian crises and conflict, Sealr supports offline capture of content and uses proprietary AI-compression to enable easy upload in areas with poor internet. It protects staff on the ground in sensitive environments and ensures accurate and safe project reporting.

Why Sealr?
A picture paints a thousand wordsVisuals tell a story much faster and more efficiently than words alone. They enable analysis in context to the surroundings and cross barriers of language and culture – making them extremely effective in increasing our understanding of an environment – even if we can’t be there.
No travel requiredNeed to monitor remotely? No problem. Sealr’s inbuilt system of verification means you can have people from the communities themselves collect data you can trust.
CapturedUploadedSecuredProve content veracity to 3rd partiesWhether it’s a donor, client or auditor, Sealr’s digital custody chain means that the origins and journey of your data can be proven.
Capture offline, share even with poor internetAI-compression makes uploads easier, cheaper and faster.
Privacy and Security at its coreGranular permissions to enable you to choose with whom you share your data, how, and when.
Smart SearchOur dashboard makes finding the right data easy. Search by date, location, custom hashtags, barcodes, objects or recognised texts in more than 60 languages – including Arabic.
Join us:Code: SL309Invite toTeamPublic or Private TeamsInvite users to join your team directly or publish your team code to crowd-source data from your partners.